GPL-Foundation Board of Directors


About the Foundation


The Gladstone Public Library Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that provides support to the Gladstone, Oregon library community. It is independent of city and county government and is focused on the literary and cultural needs of the surrounding community. 

This foundation is directed by an eleven-member all-volunteer board consisting of members from Gladstone, Clackamas, Oak Grove, Oregon City and the central Clackamas County, Oregon.

The goal of GPL-Foundation is to provide the opportunity to all for lifelong education and development. We seek to not only help build the library and its programs, but also increase cultural awareness and pride in our community,  find common ground for dialogue, and interaction among one another.

The GPL-Foundation, with the help of the community via gifts and donations, provides the library and community with support not only for reading and education programs, but also provides opportunities for enrichment. These include the popular summer reading program, and cultural passes.


Beverly Chase, President

Beverly Chase is a native Oregonian and resident of Gladstone since 2012. She attended Blue Mountain College in Pendleton. Her work history includes several positions at Sedgwick in the self-insured department, and in 2008 she finished her career at Poorman-Douglas in the bankruptcy department. She has volunteered at libraries since childhood because a godmother was a children's librarian. After retiring, she moved to Gladstone and volunteers at the Gladstone Library, then was appointed to the city’s Library Board. She serves as the liaison between the city Library Board and the Foundation Board. Reading is a passion of Beverly's and she belongs to three book clubs and hopes to help others develop a passion for books as well. Through her work on the foundation board, Beverly plans to help make reading more accessible to all Gladstone residents.



Mary Accettura, Vice President


Mary Accettura is a   resident of Gladstone for 34 years. Mary has been active in the community as   a parent and grandparent. Mary was a member of the GHS Fine Arts Parent's   Club for four years. Prior to serving as a member and officer of the local   PTA she was a board member and chairman of the Polk County ESD. She was also   a member of the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs and a member of the Urban   Planning Commission of the city of Dallas. Mary retired in 2007. Mary is an   active user of the Gladstone Library. Six years ago she challenged the   fiction section of the library (old stacks) by selecting the writing of   authors whose last names began with "A" and continue through the   alphabet. Mary has both volunteered and chaired the annual book sale for the   past 13 years.


Maria Mitchell, Secretary

  Maria Mitchell has lived in Gladstone for four years. She is an alumna of Gladstone High School. Maria has worked with disadvantaged teenagers for the past 15 years and graduated with a degree in Community Crime Prevention from Western Oregon University. She now works as an instructional assistant at Gladstone High School. Maria was a member of the Gladstone Library Advisory Committee. She is a regular volunteer at library book sales at various libraries. She is very active at author signings and events. Maria also runs a book club of 60+ women in her spare time.   


Moma Escriva, Newsletter

 Moma Escriva is a native Oregonian and has been a resident of Gladstone for over 20 years. Moma attended the University of Portland and received a BA in humanities at Marylhurst. She also received a Certificate of Professional Development from Portland State University School of Business Administration. Her work history includes positions at Lake Oswego Junior High School Library; Lewis and Clark College, Department of Graduate Studies; Providence Hospital, Human Resources; and Clackamas Community College, Public Affairs among others. Moma became involved in library activities after retiring from CCC in 2005. She has volunteered at Gladstone Library for many years and has served on the Gladstone Library Board. 


Katie Lewis, Website


Katie Lewis Born and raised in the Willamette Valley, never straying too   far from the view of gorgeous mountains, Katie graduated Summa Cum Laude in   2009 from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in   Education. She later earned her Master of Science Degree in Curriculum and   Instruction from Portland State University in 2015. Mrs. Lewis teaches   children in grades K-5 reading strategies so they can become college bound   students one day.

Mrs.   Lewis served on the Gladstone Library board from 2008-2016, and the Gladstone   School Board from 2004-2006. Her siren call is for every child to have a book   they love to read, and find joy in literacy!


Lani Saunders


Lani Saunders has   lived in Gladstone for 11 years and is a native Oregonian. Lani is   a graduate of PSU and taught for the Oregon City Public Schools for 32   years. She also was a partner in a catering business and a partner in an   educational consulting group. Lani has been active in many political   campaigns and has volunteered for several nonprofits. Since retiring she   has helped in several schools. Lani is a life long library patron and reader.   She currently belong to two book groups. Lani hopes to help make    reading more accessible to all Gladstone residents.



Linda Cosgrove

Linda loves her local library!  She is a very active member of our community, and the hostess of our benefit sales.  Linda brings her love of books to enlarge and edify those she comes in contact with.  


Susan Liston

 Susan Liston  attended OSU & PSU before marrying.  She returned home to Oregon in 1980 moving to Gladstone with her sons.  After returning to school, she received her MEd.  Susan taught primary students for the Beaverton Schools until her retirement.   Libraries and books continue to be an important part of her life.  Her goal is to serve the Gladstone community by helping to ensure access to librarians, technology, multimedia, and good old fashioned books for everyone now and in the future. 


Marilyn Donovan

Marilyn loves her local library!  She is swift to support the library events, and engages in her community in a variety of ways. 


Shelley Reynolds

Shelley is a former educator who has a passion for books. She brings to the Foundation a keen eye for getting things done the right way, and has a passion to ensure literacy is available to everyone she comes in contact with.